Vintage Persian Rug

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  • Pakistani Oriental Rug 8x10 Vintage Floral Medallion Carpet Wool Handmade Maroon
  • Indian Oriental Rug 3.7 X 5.7 Multicolor Diamond Panel Handmade Wool Carpet 4x6
  • Vintage Tribal Rug 3.8 X 6.4 Ft Small Nomadic Carpet Bohemian Area Rug Red Blue
  • Vintage Oriental Carpet 4.2 X 6.8 Light Colored Cream Field Wool Rug Allover
  • Small Indian Rug 3x3 Oriental Carpet Square Rug Handmade Wool Vintage Red Cream
  • Oriental Pictorial Rug 3.2 X 4.9 Leah And Majnun Poetic Writing Handmade Fine
  • Spectacular Antique Oriental Rug 12x19 Oversized Carpet 12 X 19 Handmade Wool
  • Small Pak Persian Rug 2x3 Vintage Carpet Yellow Green Allover Floral Accent Rug
  • Indian Rug 8x10 Vintage Wool Hand Knotted Oriental Carpet Allover Floral Ivory
  • Vintage Oriental Carpet 9x12 Rug Wool With Silk Fine Hand Knotted Beige & Teal